Kaly Dragon's Lair Creations

Kaly currently lives in Salem, OR, with their partner of 11 years, raising a pair of displacer beasts and a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex. Their obsession with creating pleasing scents was formed as a child when they discovered the delicate scent of lilac masked the garlic they always carried to ward off vampires; which have plagued their family for centuries. When Kaly isn’t practicing their pterodactyl noises or succeeding out of pure spite, they are busy working to the correct hues to compliment a well calculated assault on your olfactory. They believe patience is a virtue, but a well-timed right hook can also be pretty virtuous. Kaly dreams of one day being a professional chocolatier, or God-Emperor of Earth. Whichever has better work-life balance.

When asked for contributions to this “About” page, Kaly’s friends contributed many beautiful remarks on their temperament, their soul, and their devotion to their craft:

“Kaly is the blurred movement you see out of the corner of your eye that is gone the moment you begin to turn your head.  The comforting scent of everything and nothing. The dangerous smile you see when you first peer into the void.”

“A delightful concoction of supposed conundrums, with skin more engaging than any graphic novel.”

“If you saw them fighting their clone in a clock tower, you wouldn’t know which one to shoot because they’re both good people.”

“Kaly has the heart of a lion, the mind of a scholar, and the preserved head of an 18th century Warlord.”

“Kaly constantly impresses the rest of the squad with their work ethic and their ability to fit 27 grapes in their mouth. Constantly.”

Kaly is beloved by their friends and family for their generous nature, razor sharp wit, and +5 resistance to bludgeoning damage.

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