Lessons…. Were Not Learned (A bath bomb)


4.5 oz Round Gender-Free Bath Bomb, because “Treat yo’ Self” shouldn’t come with qualifiers.


Lessons Were Not Learned.

So after that really fun but moderately disastrous spring break where Decisions Were Made, I really thought we might have learned our lesson!  But apparently not.

Look. I’m not saying that going to Reno with your soon-to-be-ex was a bad idea. But I’m also not… not saying that, either. I’m just saying. Sometimes you make decisions, and sometimes you gotta make the same mistake twice to learn what the universe is trying to teach you.

A soft and moody teal, this bath bomb is packed with Bio -Friendly glitter. Because really, failing to learn from previously questionable choices ALWAYS leads to more glitter. Whiskey, Pine, Lilac and Jasmine combine with just a hint of smokey campfire to help you reminisce on that fateful and ill advised trip from the safety of today and from the comfort of your bath.

If Decisions Were Made smells like Spring Break in Panama City, then Lessons… Were Not Learned smells like the ill advised trip to Reno in your mid-20’s. Just lean in. Being young is for making mistakes. Sometimes more than once. <3


Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epson Salt, Sunflower, Polysorbate-80, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, clay, mica, titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue, chromium oxide, Blue 1 Lake, Bio-Friendly Glitter, fragrances

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Round 4.5 oz, Shell 3.5 oz


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