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Market Shave Oil


Shaving Oils, or Pre-Shave Oils are an easy way to add an additional layer of lubrication, hydration and protection to your shaving regimen. These luxurious and effective shave oils are completely free of gendered and judgmental baggage, and come in 1 oz or 4 oz options.

*** It should be noted that any of our Shave Oils can easily be used as Beard Oils, instead.  Our carrier and hydration formulas were designed specifically to be interchangeable beard oil formulas.  Because beautiful beards deserve to be pampered, too, and you shouldn’t have to buy all new stuff every time you decide to change the amount of body hair you retain. <3




A Spicy, Floral Blend.  Designed to mimic a saturday morning farmer’s market, this warm blend will remind you of the rich spice smells from fresh baked goods and locally cultivated, ethically harvested flowers being sold by the bunch.  Perfect for anyone who wants to smell Farmer’s Market Hot(tm), all day long.


Ingredients: Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrances

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1 oz $4.00, 4 oz $12.00


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